Furniture and Accessories For Workstations

In a large office set-up involving scientific and technical applications such as engineering, medicine and software development, a special type of computer is used which has higher processing speed, memory and resolution than the standard PC. Although it is meant for use by a single person, it is connected to a local area network. In an executive organization with several workstations, special furniture and accessories are needed to facilitate the working of its professional human resources.

Choosing the furniture and accessories for working space is different from choosing the regular office furniture. Sometimes interior designers work out the designs, material, requirement and economics in accordance with the office space and the number of workstations to be installed. Moreover ergonomics of the furniture and accessories are always considered since the users at desks sit continuously for long hours. Hence the furniture and accessories for workstations must be comfortable, and also, adjustable in height so as not to hinder in the performance of any employee.

Wood, metal and high grade molded plastic are the most commonly material used for the furniture, accessories of work area. Among the particle board, block board and teak wood types, teak is the most durable and elegant wood for workstations. High grade molded plastic and steel types are also used depending on individual preference. A combination of the three types can also be used with several accessories like drawers, tables and special mounts for monitor, CPU, printer and other stationery.

Now the parameter which may call for the expertise of a professional interior designer is the design and configuration of the furniture and accessories that best utilize the available space not only economically but also aesthetically. For example, the corner of the room may require an L-shape furniture while there could be several options for the remaining space like the horizontal table configuration, 4 seat orthogonal workstations and likewise. Selection of proper design as well as configuration for furniture and accessories meant for workstations is both science and an art.